Too Young For Nostalgia?

Yesterday* was an interesting day. It was senior skip day, so I stayed at home like the lazy bastard I am and only left for a couple hours for band practice.

I woke up in something of a baffling mood. I can’t accurately describe it, but sehnsucht seems to come closest (thanks to Rammstein for teaching me that word).

I thought nothing of it – it’s probably connected to whatever I was dreaming about that night. So, I logged onto Facebook, and saw a link by one of my school’s color guard members (color guard as in marching band and winter guard, not as in ROTC kids stomping across the gym with an American and Colorado flag) to one of Legacy’s winter guard shows, Dead or Alive. Legacy’s are among the best marching bands and color guards in the state (after Rampart’s, of course), so I figured I’d watch. Continue reading ‘Too Young For Nostalgia?’


Punctuation is Critical – Even in IMs

My ex likes to overreact. She likes to overreact to, well, just about everything. Here’s a snippet of conversation from a little while ago:

Me: yes, why wouldnt i? havent we already been over this?
Her: no we haven’t and if we have I don’t remember.
Me: way to contradict yourself
Her: what is your problem i didn’t do anything to you?

The problem lies in the last line.

Interpretation 1: This is a run-on sentence, consisting of both interrogative and declarative parts. The question mark is in the wrong place. It should be written, “what is your problem? I didn’t do anything to you,” expressing her frustration that I would point out a flaw in her reasoning, and then explaining that she did nothing to incite my obvious rage and anger towards her. Continue reading ‘Punctuation is Critical – Even in IMs’


Amsterdam, redux pt. 3

Part 1
Part 2

If you didn’t figure it out yet, the last picture in Part 2 was taken in Madurodam, a miniature city. It’s built at 1:25 scale and includes traditional Dutch buildings as well as various landmarks. Here are some more shots from Madurodam:

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Amsterdam, redux pt. 2

Part 1
Part 3

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Amsterdam, redux pt. 1

Part 2
Part 3

So… um… yeah. It’s been over a year now since I posted about my upcoming vacation to Amsterdam. Hell, it’s been nearly a full year since I got back. I know I’m a superb procrastinator, but maybe this is a little much. Maybe “lazy bastard” would be a more apt label. In any case, here are some snapshots from the trip:

Arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Don’t get me wrong – I love my niece to death. But sometimes I wonder if she’s all there… Here’s a summary of the past week or so of headdesk- and facepalm-inducing… niece-isms.

  • I am putting on my jacket to go out and shovel the snow. She asks me, “are you going out to shovel the garage?”
    Yes, Sara*, and the bathrooms too.
  • We are having dinner. An assortment of Korean food covers the table, including a teriyaki-glazed salmon.
    “I love salomon [sic]!” she cries, “what’s on it?”
    “Try it and see…”
    She does. Satisfied, and with a tone of absolute finality, she declares “barbecue sauce.”
  • For Easter, instead of the usual plastic grass for the baskets, my sister bought this edible candy-grass. We go to my grandma’s for dinner. Afterward, as we’re heading out the door, her glance falls upon the Easter baskets, sitting, forgotten, by the door.
    “Oh no,” she shrieks, “we forgot to do our grass!”
  • We’re decorating eggs. Inspiration smacks Sara upside the head. “I’ll draw it like it’s hatching.” My mother likes the idea, and decides to do the same. While it’s certainly not gallery-worthy, it’s at least easy to tell what mom’s is supposed to be. Sara’s, on the other hand, ends up looking more like, well, like this.

* Not her real name. Obviously. Unless it is, and I’m only saying it’s not to throw you off. Blast! I just gave it away.


Zach misreads newspaper headlines

In the spirit of Raymond Chen, I’m going to go ahead and rip off one of his styles of blog posts.

This morning I saw an issue of the Colorado Catholic Herald sitting on the kitchen counter, and saw this front page headline:

“A Growing Disease: Number of people becoming Catholic is up sharply from 2008.”

Of course, what it actually said was “A Growing Diocese,” but I find my interpretation more fitting. I’m sure most of my fellow freethinkers would agree.



My dad is going to Amsterdam on a business trip. When I was younger, he used to travel a lot for work, but realized that raising me was really the priority, so he took a different job for a significant paycut. But now, he’s been asked to go to Holland to do some stuff for whatever company it is that Oracle Corp. has just bought.

This is an excellent opportunity for me, as he’s offered to pay a very significant portion of the travel costs if I join him about a week into the trip, at which point the work-stuff will be done, and we’ll be free to just enjoy Europe. The problem is, my passport’s expired. The last time I went out of the country was in the 2nd grade, to South Korea with my mom to visit family.

At first, we weren’t counting on me being able to go, because nobody had the money to pay for it. But my grandma has just bought a new car, and gave her “old” one to my dad, which seriously relieved a lot of financial pressure. But again, my passport is expired. The only way to get one in less than 11 days is for my mom to go to Denver to expedite the process. Of course, she’s not willing to do this for nothing… She wants to tag along. Half of my excitement for this trip was getting a vacation from her.

I still want to go, of course, but half of my original excitement was the fact that I was going to have a good, long break from my mother. So much for that. *sigh*